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Père Lachaise

Looking for famous tombs in the most renowned cemetery in the world

2h - 35€/person

7/7d 2h Per person: 35€

The Père Lachaise cemetery is the first civil cemetery in Paris, inaugurated in 1804, initially not very popular, due to its distance from the city center, it has now become the great celebrity cemetery. Its forms were designed by the neoclassical architect Alexandre-Théodore Brongniart who treated the immense space as a beautiful English garden: more than 40 hectares of greenery, the cemetery surface is equal to that of the Vatican. There is to be lost between a tomb and the other hunting for the deceased that count, therefore, get yourself a map, or even better, let us accompany you for an original tour that will allow you to discover Paris in an unusual way.

Taken by assault by those who know its fame, at the cemetery of Père Lachaise, over time, some long-standing traditions have come into force: leaving love letters to the crypt of Eloisa and Abelardo, red roses on the tomb of Édith Piaf and lipstick imprints on that of Oscar Wilde. Touching the bronze effigy of Victor Noir would then be a safe antidote to infertility. In short, between rites and legends, there is something to keep busy while walking. But why is Père Lachaise so famous? After all, there are many beautiful monumental cemeteries around the world, but Père Lachaise has a cosmopolitan character that makes it special. Here the tourist, whatever his region or his country of origin, is sure to find at least one buried compatriot. So, the Poles go to look for Chopin, the Americans make obligatory stop by Jim Morrison, the Greeks want to greet Maria Callas, even if, do not tell anyone, it seems that the Callas is no longer buried here. Following this spirit, we will leave from the gravestone to the Italian fallen for France, under which the Garibaldina dell'Argonne army is buried, we will jump to Modigliani's tomb and we will sing musicians like Rossini and Petrucciani (which we like to consider a little Italian).

Père Lachaise is also the French story. Through the Memory Walk we will remember the victims of the Shoah and we will arrive at the Wall of the Federations, in front of which the last revolutionaries of the Paris Commune were shot. Many, then, are naturally the French buried here: the photographer Nadar, Molière and La Fontaine. We will conclude with a great Frenchman, Baron Haussmann, the urban architect who has transformed Paris into a modern capital, giving it the face we all know. Through urban planning we will understand a little better our beloved Ville Lumière, because behind the structure of a city there is its history. And a cemetery at the back, thinking about it, is also a city. If we learn to look at it, inside there is everything: there are the streets and the addresses, the chapels simulate the great palaces, the tombs are a bit like houses. A microcosm, in short, which reflects the macrocosm of the great villas, perhaps the best possible mirror on society.

  • History of the cemetery
  • The Garibaldini of Argonne
  • The memory garden
  • Oscar Wilde
  • Amedeo Modigliani
  • Édith Piaf
  • Monument to the deportees
  • Wall of the federates
  • Nadar
  • Molière and La Fontaine
  • Jim Morrison
  • Eloise and Abelard
  • Chopin and Petrucciani
  • Gioacchino Rossini
  • The Baron Haussmann
Meeting point

Outside metro station Gambetta, exit named "Père Lachaise"

  • Guided private tour with an expert official guide

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