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Pompidou Center

From WED to MON 2h For person: 55€ ticket included

In the heart of Paris, among the oldest buildings of the capital, an imposing building of iron and glass stands, wrapped in colored tubes, elevators and escalators. The "industrial" construction of the architects Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers, inaugurated in 1977, has greatly shocked then public opinion in Paris and today it's one of the symbols of the city.

We'll discover together the history of this building and of everything in it: a vast public library, a research acoustics and music institute, the Stravinsky fountain, the numerous cinemas, a photo gallery, several exhibition spaces, the atelier of the sculptor Constantin Brancusi. We will bring you on top of the building for a breathtaking view of Paris and from there we will start to discover the great historical avant-gardes of the twentieth century. The second part of the tour is dedicated to the contemporary creation from the 1960s to the present day, a fun and informative walk through the vagaries of today's artists to understand together what is art!

Highlights on:

  • The history of the culture center
  • The architecture of the building
  • The modern and contemporary art collection

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