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Louvre Museum: Egyptian Antiquities

From WED to MON 2h For person: 55€ ticket included

The collection of the Louvre dedicated to ancient Egypt is the largest in the world after that of the Cairo Museum: it contains about 55,000 artefacts!

Napoleone Tour takes you to the discovery of an ancient civilization full of secrets and mysteries: this tour is a real dive into the culture of the Egyptian people, together we will see the sphinxes, sarcophaguses, an ancient mysterious Zodiac, many everyday objects of all kinds, a real mummy and two small statues shrouded in mystery ...

A 2 hour tour where you will never get bored, suitable for adults and children.

Highlights on:

  • The history and of ancient Egypt
  • Culture, traditions and daily life of Egyptians
  • The sphinx
  • The mummy
  • The temples
  • The Dendera Zodiac
  • The Egyptian Book of the Dead

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