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Orangerie Museum

From WED to MON 2 h For person: 55€ ticket included

The term "Orangerie" in English means "orange grove". The building that houses the museum we visit on this tour, in fact, was nothing but the orange grove of the Tuileries Gardens. Then transformed into a storage warehouse of the plants, he has abandoned its practical function to become "deposit" of pictorial representations of another garden, equally famous: that of Giverny, the garden of Claude Monet, 76 Km far from Paris, of which Monet has represented the changing rhythms in the cycle of Water Lilies exposed at Orangerie's.

The second part of our tour is dedicated to the collection of Paul Guillaume, the art dealer of Renoir, Cezanne, Modigliani, Picasso, Matisse. A collection of such a priceless value to arouse the greed of the evil Domenica, the wife of Guillaume ... a fake pregnancy, two murders, a third failure and a terrible court case wrap in mystery this art collection.

Highlights on:

  • The history and the architecture of the Museum
  • Claude Monet's waterlilies
  • Walter-Guillaume collection

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