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Louvre Museum: Italian art and masterpieces


From WED to MON 2h For person: 50€ ticket included

The size of the Louvre museum are such that inspire awe. The largest museum in the world extends for 700 m along the Seine: a labyrinth of rooms. More than 35,000 artworks, it would take nine months to be able to view them all at once!

How to avoid the risk of wasting your ticket, spending hours and hours to wander the corridors exhausted without even being able, finally, to see the Mona Lisa? Don't panic and let yourself be driven by one of our tour guide.

We offer you an itinerary particularly focused on the Italian and French great masters: Canova, Michelangelo, Cimabue, Giotto, Veronese, Géricault, Ingres, David.

The Venus of Milo, the Nike of Samothrace and, of course, the Mona Lisa are always undisputed protagonists of our paths.

Highlights on:

  • The history and architecture of the Musem
  • The masterpieces of Italian and French art


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