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To discover the greatest masterpieces of the 19th century inside an ancient railway station.

2h - 50€/person skip-the-line ticket included

From WED to MON 2h Per person: 50€ skip-the-line ticket included

Can a large overgrown decorated iron, testimony of outdated railway structures become one of the most important museums in the world? The answer is: yes, it can. The guided tour of the Musée d'Orsay will let you discover how the Italian architect Gae Aulenti has made this magnificent reconversion of an abandoned station in a museum possible.

Our bizarre walk, where once the tracks ran, will be conducted among magnificent works of art between the mid-nineteenth century and 1914. The great Masters of Realism: Jean-François Millet, Gustave Courbet. What binds these artists to French writers like Flaubert, Balzac and Zola? Why did it seem so capital at the time to paint the bare and raw reality? Then the trend changes, on April 15, 1874, in Paris, in some rooms made available by the famous photographer Nadar, an exhibition is inaugurated by a group of young painters: the Impressionism was born. Now the problem of the relationship with reality is centered on the "impression" one has of it. We will admire the Déjeuner sur l'herb of Manet and the landscapes of Monet. Why does it become fashionable to paint in plain aire? What prevented painters before leaving the closed ateliers and taking canvases and brushes out in the open air? We will immerse ourselves in the magical atmosphere of the Montmartre of the Dance au Moulin de la Galette, immortalized by Renoir. We will follow Degas's dancers and we will penetrate the thoughts of her absinthe drinkers at Place Pigalle. The geometries of the Card Players of Cezanne will lead us to discover new figurative roads, anticipating Cubism and all those future trends that will try to give rational order to the multiplicity of visions offered by nature.

The Museum was first a station, we said, but not a common station, but an elite station, built with the purpose of welcoming the public who went to Paris on the occasion of the Expo Universelle of 1900. For this reason it was equipped with a hotel in all respects, equipped with a superb Salle des fêtes. We will jump before leaving to discover the post-impressionist tendencies of the late nineteenth century. All the artists who work in the last decades of the century are re-referring, as we shall see, at least initially, to the impressionist revolution. Everyone, however, aware of the crisis of movement, reacts by looking for each a new path. This is the case of Van Gogh. The Dutch artist lived for two years in Paris, in the Montmartre district with his brother Theo, and in Paris he produced many of his most famous masterpieces, some kept in the Musée d'Orsay. Next to Van Gogh, the friend Gauguin. We will retrace together the turbulent events of the stay of the two painters in Arles through the paintings produced in those years. Still, magnificent symbolist sculptures invade the great central nave of the museum, at the bottom of which stands the door of Hell of Rodin: a tangle of bodies that emerge with gestures convulsed by boiling lavas, including Paolo and Francesca, Count Ugolino. Imagination runs free in this plaster high-relief, as well as in the halls of this amazing museum. A visit not to be missed!

  • The history of the museum and its architecture
  • The greatest masterpieces of the nineteenth century
Meeting point

Outside the museum, next to the big rhinoceros statue

  • Guided private tour with an expert official guide
  • Entrance ticket to the museum (skip-the-line)
  • This tour is also accessible by wheelchair
  • Free admission ticket to museum for under 26s of the European Union and for all under 18s (on presentation of identity document at the entrance)
  • Those entitled to a free or reduced ticket price for the museum (handicapped and accompanying persons, etc.) must specify this at the time of booking.

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