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Louvre: Ancient Agypt

A fascinating journey to discover the mysteries of Egyptian civilization, a tour suitable for adults and children.

2h - 52€/person skip-the-line ticket included

From WED to MON 2h Per person: 52€ skip-the-line ticket included


The Louvre collection dedicated to ancient Egypt is the largest in the world after the one in Cairo, containing around 55,000 exhibits. This visit is a unique experience both for enthusiasts and for those who are just curious. The ancient history of Egyptians begins in 3200 BC along the banks of the Nile. We will talk together about the importance of this river for the development of Egyptian civilization, describing its social and economic role. The cyclicity of agricultural life marked by the alternation of the seasons, how and what was sown, the legal system of the lands, the prodigy of fruit trees in the desert. We will enter into a Mastaba, a typical Egyptian stone tomb. We will perhaps be amazed at the lists of the most consumed foods and beverages. Beer, for example, was a great protagonist at the table. We will meet Monsieur Champoillon, the French archaeologist who has deciphered the hieroglyphs, the best known form of Egyptian writing. Artisans and scribes together with Amon, Horus and many other curious deities will accompany our journey. And again, who built the pyramids? Which materials were commonly used for artifacts? Why were there no furniture in Egyptian houses? What were they using instead of pillows? How were they dressed? Why did they completely shave their hair, women and men indiscriminately? What were they playing with? What were their favorite pastimes? In the music room we will closely observe their musical instruments: harps, lutes, tambourines and even hippo teeth castanets.

From everyday life we will go, then, to eternity to discover the temples. Welcomed by sparks and colossi of stone we will try to understand how religious life worked. What was the role of the obelisks and why is there even one in Paris, in place de la Concorde? Among the findings of the Osiris crypt we will investigate the role of the funeral servants, study the structure of a sarcophagus and then we will go together in the presence of a real mummy. We will decipher magic symbols such as the scarebeo, the djed and the cross of Osiris. Sacred animals like cats and bulls will complete the immersion in the spirituality of this people, so complex and mysterious that they have fascinated scholars and simple enthusiasts of every age and that even today, centuries later, continues to subjugate the minds of all those who they also approach only with the thought of a pyramid.

  • The history of ancient Egypt
  • Culture, traditions and daily life of the Egyptians
  • The Sphinx
  • The Mummy
  • The Temples
  • The Zodiac of Dendera
  • The Book of the Dead
  • ...

Place du Carrousel, in front of the equestrian statue of Louis XIV

What's included
  • Guided private tour with an expert official guide
  • Entrance ticket to the museum (skip-the-line)
  • This tour is also accessible by wheelchair
  • Free admission ticket to museum for under 26s of the European Union and for all under 18s (on presentation of identity document at the entrance)
  • Those entitled to a free or reduced ticket price for the museum (handicapped and accompanying persons, etc.) must specify this at the time of booking.

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