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Notre-Dame, Conciergerie and Sainte-Chapelle

In the heart of Paris, three unique visits between the sacred and the profane, art and history, from the Middle Ages to the French Revolution.

2h - 50€/person skip-the-line tickets included

7/7d 2h Per person: 50€ skip-the-line tickets included

The aim of this route is to unveil the history of Paris by combining three guided tours of the most important monuments of the Île de la Cité, the heart of the French capital. We will begin with the cathedral of Notre-Dame. From its foundation in the twelfth century, through the nineteenth-century restorations, up to the present day, we will try to outline architecturally and historically the leading role of this immense construction. The characteristic elements of the Gothic style: flying buttresses, buttresses, stained glass windows, rosettes, spiers, gargoyles. The looting during the French Revolution. The myth of the coronation of Napoleon Bonaparte that took place here. The most beautiful pages of literature that made the cathedral so famous all over the world: Notre-Dame de Paris by Victor Hugo.

From the sacred to the profane, the second stage of the tour is the Conciergerie. A fascinating and sinister place, prison of the king's palace, was during the French Revolution the antechamber of the guillotine. How did his inmates live? The memories of Sanson, the historic executioner of the Revolution. And again, the end of the Girondins and the revenge of Charlotte Corday, the murderer of Marat. What were the last words of Marie Antoinette? How did Robespierre die? What is the path of humiliation? But the Conciergerie is not just black stories and legends, in the great Salle des gens d'armes we will remember the glories of the immense royal banquets and there will also be space for love, under the capitals that tell the story of Eloisa and Abelardo.

The route ends with the Sainte-Chapelle, the palatine chapel of the French king Louis IX, who later became Saint Louis. A masterpiece of flamboyant Gothic architecture, the chapel was built to house the world's most famous relics: the sacred crown of thorns of Christ that had been recovered from Saint Louis and brought to France. We will follow together the history of the precious relic, from the discovery to its acquisition, illustrated on one of the windows, among the various biblical stories. The other windows, fifteen in all, tell the story of Humanity from the Genesis to the Resurrection of Jesus and should be read as illustrated books, immense glass books. Sumptuously decorated, the colors of the Sainte-Chapelle invade the entire structure, from the walls, to the ceiling, to the floors. Everything contributes to creating a magical and unreal atmosphere, which almost gives the impression of an otherworldly paradise: the anticipation of the Heavenly Jerusalem as it was in the intentions of the king who had the chapel built his personal Eden on earth.

Between one stage and another there will be curiosities and historical notes. How was Paris established? Its Celtic origins, Roman domination, the city's oldest public clock, Nazi occupation. Where did the pilgrims heading to Santiago leave? The historic Flower Market. Believe us if we tell you that history does not always bore.

  • Visit to Notre-Dame cathedral (except towers)
  • Visit to Conciergerie
  • Visit to Sainte-Chapelle
  • Tour de l'Horloge (external view)
  • History of the foundation of Paris
Meeting point

Outside the main central door of Notre Dame Cathedral

What's included
  • Private guided tour with official guide
  • Skip-the-line ticket for Sainte Chapelle
  • Ticket for Conciergerie
  • Notre Dame is free entry but there is no way to skip the line (worst case scenario is 20m in row, the guide will tell you the history of the building during this time)
  • This tour is also accessible by wheelchair
  • Free admission ticket to monuments for under 26s of the European Union and for all under 18s (on presentation of identity document at the entrance)
  • Those entitled to a free or reduced ticket price (handicapped and accompanying persons, etc.) must specify this at the time of booking.

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