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Versailles Palace and Gardens

We will discover the palace and the gardens of Versailles, a blast from the past to the court of the Sun King.

Option "Palace only tour + skip-the-line ticket" - 2h -  65 €/person ticket included

Option "Gardens only tour + skip-the-line ticket" - 2h -  65 €/person ticket included

Option "Palace & Gardens tour + skip-the-line ticket" 3h - 100 €/person tickets included

From TUE to SUN 2h Per person: 65€ ticket included (palace only OR gardens only)
From TUE to SUN 3h Per person: 100€ ticket included (palace + gardens)

Come with us to discover the residence of the Kings of France, the jewel of the reign of Louis XIV. Our guides will take you by the hand through a path that will allow you to understand the hidden messages behind every statue and every tapestry. Enter the world of Marie Antoinette, the queen hated by the people and beloved by the artists, the center of conspiracies and intrigues!

Highlights on:

  • Fountains and gardens
  • The Palace

Please notice: Petit and Grand Trianon are not included in this tour. When you book, specify if you wish to visit the Palace only or also the gardens.

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